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by Chris Hornick

Getting your business my business listing on google maps is the first line in smart SEO. Customers searching for your business name should be able to find you instantly.

Benefits of having a google my business listing

  1. Improves your website’s seo. You’ll pull up higher in search results.
  2. You’ll be added to google maps.
  3. You can make edits to your description, hours, website and more.
  4. Respond to reviews.
  5. You can turn on google messenger and instantly allow connect with potential customers in real time.
  6. It’s FREE

How to setup your google business account

PLEASE NOTE: This is all done on a desktop. You can do it on a phone but it’s a bit easier behind a ‘real’ computer. Like everything with google… it helps if you are logged into a gmail account. If you don’t, it’s free.

Go to If you already have a location you’ll need to click on ‘Add Location.’

1. Type in your business name… this will probably autofill with a bunch of similarly name businesses.

google business listing

2. Enter your address and select a delivery area. This is useful if you service an area. ie flower delivery.

3. Make sure your business location is correct on the map.

google map

4. Choose a category that fits your business. You can change this later.

business category

5. Enter your contact information including your website if you have one.

contact google maps

6. Click finish.

google maps finish

7. Verifying. There are a few ways google can let you verify your business and they may not let you do all of them depending on if it’s a new account or one already in the system. 1. You can get an automated phone call and they’ll give you a pin #, you can get a postcard with a pin code, or I’ve even seen google do a video call and verify your location. Once you get the pin # just go back to and enter in your pin # to verify your account.

I recommend phone if it’s an option because it happens instantly. Postcards take about 5 business days.

postcard google map



What if I didn’t get my postcard?
You can always go back to and request a new card. I’ve experienced businesses having trouble verifying their location and google actually did a video call to verify the location.

Someone else controls my account or I lost the email associated with the account… what do I do?
Go to and enter your business name but select the account that you need control of. You’ll have to start an account recovery. This can vary from case to case. If another person has the account and can give you access nicely it’s an easy procedure. If you lost control of the email or the person in control isn’t responsive a google my business rep will probably have to get briefly involved.


Chris HornickAbout Chris Hornick
Chris is the Director of Digital Media at The HomeSlice Group. He is always fired up about helping businesses and the latest and greatest digital trends. He is uniquely Google Analytics and Google Ad certificated. He has 12+ years experience in digital advertising and has attended the prestigious Google Elevator.  He has been living in the Black Hills for 10+ years with his Wife, Daughter and 3 scruffy dogs



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